Performance Trust Capital Partners

500 West Madison Avenue, Suite 450
Chicago, IL 60661

Performance Trust was built on the vision and passion of our founders. A former math teacher, Rich Berg, and bank regulator, Phil Nussbaum, saw the main street mission of community financial institutions threatened by Wall Street financial engineering. Driven by an unwavering commitment to analytical truth, they exposed critical flaws in the tools used to measure risk and reward and provided analysis and insights that led to better decisions.

From its inception in 1994, our firm has been focused on two objectives: building accurate and revolutionary analytics that measure the risks and rewards of investment portfolio securities and building an educational platform that identifies ways to achieve improved results.

As time passed, our analytical capabilities grew alongside our clients and team. We provide advice on decisions affecting the entire balance sheet and capital stack of an institution and have expanded our expertise to helping institutional clients and capital market partners. Our analytics continue to evolve, and commitment to education has become fundamental to our business and clients. In addition to hosting custom strategy sessions for over 50 management teams per year, we also create educational programs for executive boards and other stakeholders across the country.

Today, Performance Trust is the largest full-service investment bank focused on community depository institutions. Our scale and capabilities have increased significantly, but we still get up each morning with the same mission we had in 1994:

We're here to help community financial institutions make better decisions.

Gary Svec